Under The Porch

by: Chris Peterson

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Always wear your PPE!  Antler dust is nasty stuff.

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I doubt very many people are spending their Sunday night bidding on moose antler and meteorite.  Finally won a meteorite.  Still looking for more antler.  With luck I’ll have antler rings with meteorite inlay listed soon!

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Ring Making Process, Step 1

Wood and antler pieces are cut to the appropriate thickness.  Each piece is dried thoroughly.  The number on each piece, is it’s weight in grams.  As the piece dries, it looses weight.  Once it stops loosing weight, it’s dry enough for step 2, stabilizing.

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Shop Update!

Like any good craftsman, I’m continually trying to improve my products.  Earlier this year, I  began resin stabilizing my rings in a vacuum chamber.  Each ring is stabilized twice, at different stages in the ring making process.  I believe that this double stabilization, makes them stronger, and more dimensionally stable than most of the other wood and antler rings available.  Additionally, stabilization offers added protection, should the rings finish be damaged.  These improvements to the ring making process, have added several days to the time that it takes to make each ring.  From start to finish, each ring now takes a minimum of five days to make.  As a result, I will be increasing my ring prices slightly ($5 on average). 

This video shows rings being stabilized.  The vacuum draws air out of the wood and antler.  After the vacuum is released, resin is drawn into the voids left by the air that was  removed.